Bailey B Solo

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About Bailey's Solo Uke Act

I learned how to play ukulele on my Dad's Mitchell concert uke that my Mom bought him for his birthday about 15 years ago. 

When he saw how much I was enjoying playing, he gifted me the ukulele. And now it's the instrument I play at gigs. 

I never thought I would be a solo musician, I always believed that I wasn't a strong enough player to play solo gigs.

But as it turns out I love playing ukulele and singing my favorite songs, creating an intimate and cozy vibe with my solo uke act wherever I go. 

If you're looking for folky covers of your favorite tunes in your coffee shop, restaurant, hotel lobby, or your wedding or special event contact me and let's chat! 

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Agua de Beber - Jazz
Better When I'm Dancing Folk Cover
Offne dich mein ganzes herze - Bach

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