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Bailey Barnes Jazz

Live jazz music in southwest Colorado and New Mexico

Bailey Barnes Jazz Duo - This Must be the Place
Bailey Barnes Jazz Duo - La vie en Rose

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About Bailey Barnes Jazz

When I moved to Durango in 2014 and started dating my now husband Evan, he introduced me to the world of  Jazz.

He booked me for a Valentine's Day Jazz gig, which was the first professional gig I ever sang as a lead vocalist. 

I was terrified because the repertoire was really challenging and I thought I couldn't do it. 

"I wouldn't have booked you if I thought you couldn't sing the rep." Evan said to me.

I took on the challenge and learned some of the hardest music I have ever had to sing as a soloist, and I LOVED it. 

Ever since then, I have been a dedicated jazz musician. Mostly you'll see me out and about with my jazz duo, but we also do an occasional jazz trio or quintet gig. 

Hope to see you at our next performance! 

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