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Pressed for success?

Do you want to sing in front of audiences but your fear of failure and rejection is stopping you in your tracks?

I work with a lot of aspiring pro singers whose hearts want so badly to be on stage performing in front of audiences.

This is how I help them move through their fear and anxiety and grow their confidence in front of audiences …

1. Practice! Sometimes it’s hard to “put your ass where your heart wants to be” #stevenpressfield but the best way to start is to put work into your craft.

Pick a song or two (or make a set list) and start practicing the material as if you were going to perform it.

2. Get help on the tough spots.

Find a voice teacher who can help you work through the places where you feel the most insecure, whether it’s the actual act of singing or the performing of the song.

3. Perform for a person you trust who supports your goals.

Find a friend, family member or voice teacher who wants to see you succeed in your goal to be a performer and who will be supportive and kind.

Then perform your material for them a few times so you get the experience of performing with lower stakes.

4. Practice MORE.

You will find after you perform your songs that there is more work to be done.

This means it’s time to work on the material in the practice room more, as well as practice performing the material more.

(Practicing and performing are two different skill sets!)

5. Keep the focus on the audience and the experience you are trying to create for them.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT lessons I have learned as a pro musician is that I have to take the focus off myself (how I look, sound, how people are perceiving me etc) and put my focus and intention on being of service to the audience.

Making sure I am gathered, confident and focused on delivering the best performance I can give so they enjoy themselves. This takes the ego out of the music.

Do you have a performance coming up that you are nervous about? Write about it, talk to your support or your coach, and know you've got this!

Tell me which of these tips feels like the most helpful or feel free to ask questions in the comments about how to incorporate these steps to growing your confidence as a singer.


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