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Take a deep breath

To be a great singer you must know how to breathe. I would not be a professional singer + voice teacher without mindful breathing practices like this one. I am reading Jon Kabat Zinn’s book Wherever You Go, There You Are and came across these words: “Tune into it…the feeling of the breath coming into your body and the breath leaving your body. That’s all. Just feeling the breath. Breathing and knowing that you’re breathing. This doesn’t mean deep breathing or forcing your breathing, or trying to feel something special, or wondering whether you’re doing it right. It doesn’t mean thinking about your breathing, either. It’s just a bare bones awareness of the breath moving in and the breath moving out.” This is such an excellent exercise for singers because we have to be able to tune into a place of relaxation and focus in the mind and body in order to be effective in our craft. This kind of practice has helped me immensely in releasing the mental, emotional and physical tension that held me back as a singer for years early in my career. And now I use practices like this with my students to help them cultivate the focus and confidence they need to go after their big juicy singing dreams. This is a shortened version of the 6 minute exercise that I recorded for my Meditations for Singers Course, which is free to anyone who joins the Bailey Barnes Voice Studio Community.

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