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If you grant me the honor of hiring me as your music business coach or voice teacher I know our work together will change your life.

It's important to me that you know how truly resourceful you are already are, and that there is always a way to commit to change and transformation if you're willing to take action. 

"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

If us working together feels like a 


then read on to discover creative ways you can tap into your resourcefulness and commit to the artistically expressive life you have always dreamed of.

1. Lines of credit

Financing coaching programs with credit cards is a great way to pay your investment off over time. You can use existing credit cards you have and split the payment onto several different cards, or apply for new cards. You can type "0% APR credit cards" into your search engine, or search "pre-approved credit cards for people with poor/fair/average credit" if that applies to you. You can also use sites like Nerd Wallet or Credit Karma for suggestions on credit cards that are available to you. 

Paypal credit is a great option, too, with 6 months 0% APR. 

2. Savings Accounts

Perhaps this is just the opportunity you have been saving for! Think about those savings accounts you have been purposefully forgetting about, or that cash you have hidden in your bookshelf.  Money is energy just like anything else, and there always comes a time when it needs to move and flow to make room for even more growth! 

3. Personal Loans

You can look into services like Upstart, The Lending Club, Lending Tree and Best Egg to apply for a personal loan.

4. Angel Investors

Although it can feel uncomfortable reaching out to people in your life for financial support, there are often people in our lives who would jump at the chance to support us in our personal growth and fulfillment. Who in your life is excited about seeing you commit yourself to transformation? Who would be willing to invest in you now that you are committed to changing your life?  Could be a gift or a low/no interest loan. 

5. "Just a friendly reminder that you still owe me money :) "

Is there someone who you graciously loaned money to who has not payed you back yet? Time to hit up the Bank of You - contact your lendees and make arrangements to get your money paid back. 

6. Downsize and sell your stuff

This one goes hand in hand with the Align concept of making space. Spend a weekend identifying the things that really truly bring you joy, and the things that are just taking up space. Sell those belongings that are really not serving your best self - you will feel better financially AND energetically after you do! 

You can sell on Ebay, Craigslist, your local Facebook Marketplace or consignment stores, or get together with a few friends and hold an "Investing in my future" yard sale together! 

7. Brainstorm sesh

Sit down and write out 20 ways that YOU could make money. Be specific and think about things that only you yourself can do/offer. Get your abundantly creative juices flowing and focus on the possibilities rather than the probability. 

8. Remember that you are investing in your education

Did you drop thousands of dollars on a music degree that didn't even give you the skills and knowledge you needed to support your self with your work as a musician? Yeah, me too. Investing in specific programs that you know will give you the results you are looking for (like creating a thriving music business) will have a great return on investment, maybe even more so than your college degree. 

9. Business funding

If you want to create this music career for yourself, then you are a small business owner - get used to it! Most small businesses - whether its a restaurant, retail store, music venue, or independent artist - start their businesses by getting funding. Whether it's business loans, grants, or crowdfunding campaigns, this is common practice in the world of entrepreneurship and it should be no different for musicians. Reach out to your local business development center to learn about funding options in your area, or check out to learn about crowdfunding. 

Don't forget

You are limitless possibilities. When you make the decision to commit to your best life, the money will come, and you CAN make it happen. 

Money is just another form of energy. It moves, flows, changes, and can be depleted and replenished. 

Spending and investing are very different energetic actions. When you spend money you can't guarantee that the energy will come back to you - it's gone into handbags, clothes, consumables. When you invest you are putting energy into something that you will reap significant rewards from and that will have a deep impact in the unfolding of your future. 

This is an opportunity to take action that states how important your artistic dreams are to you. 

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