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No matter your race, gender, religion, nationality, mental or physical health conditions you are welcome and encouraged to participate in my programs. Come as you are, and always feel free to be yourself. I am committed to creating a safe, supportive, equitable environment for my clients, students, and stakeholders. I will ensure that you have an equitable experience by committing to the following actions in my business:


I will continue to educate myself on the issues marginalized groups face. I will listen to you, believe you, and honor your experience, always.  


I will continue to be a voice for marginalized groups in circles of privilege. 


I will continue to explore my own privilege and how I can use it to empower marginalized voices. 


A portion of the proceeds from all of my programs will be donated to a social justice organization doing the essential work of dismantling systemic racism, genderism, transphobia, and ableism. 


Discrimation or harassment to any community member based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, mental or physical health conditions will not be tolerated in groups and communities associated with Bailey Barnes LLC

The Singing Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship skills for the modern singer

Next session begins Jan 4th '21 - Enrollment open  until Dec 18

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Align your life with your artistic career goals


by growing your confidence, building a stable foundation and mastering your craft.

Align your life with free self expression. 

Join me for my

Signature Coaching Program

The Singing Entrepreneur

A program designed for professional and professional track singers who are ready to infuse their lives with confidence, stability, and strategy so they can make their voice heard. 

I created The SE Academy because I know that you are frustrated. 

You are artistically stymied because you can't squeeze another ounce of effort out of yourself at the end of every day. 


You don’t have time or energy to spend on your singing craft or your career, but you long for more professional performing experiences. 


You crave more time and space for meaningful practice sessions, but it feels impossible to find  space in your busy schedule. 


You feel discouraged, defeated or disheartened in your artistic life. 


Maybe it is because you are running into blocks because of your own perfectionism and high expectations. 


Or perhaps you feel unaffecting and unimpressive as a singer and that makes you feel limited and irrelevant. 


Could be that your life is chaotic and you lack supportive community


Might be that you feel like there is never enough time, money, energy to dedicate yourself fully to artistic expression. 


The fact is that all of these attitudes, beliefs, and habits are getting in the way of you making the shift you need to tap into more meaning, deeper impact and greater flow. 

I have an intimate knowledge of all of the above blocks and limitations because that was me three years ago.

I used to allow others to decide how I spent my time. I used to be afraid of claiming my role as an artist in this world. 

I know how it feels to be burdened by perfectionism. 

I have experienced times when anxiety and depression launch me into flight or freeze modes that sabotage everything I have worked so hard for. 


I know how easy it is to spend all of my time and energy on someone else's agenda, someone else's dream, someone else's passion. 


I know how defeating it feels to have my life taken over by a job and family duties, left with no time for my art. 


I also know how it feels to have the freedom and confidence to express myself creatively. 

I know how to cultivate the quality time I need to build my support systems so I can take creative risks from a place of confidence and ease. 


I have identified and stepped into a career that I really care about, where I feel like I am making a difference in my community and the world. 


I feel secure in the amount of time I spend on my singing each week, and in my musical pursuits. 


I won’t lie and say that I created a quick fix to get myself where I am today, but I am still in awe sometimes at the life I live now. I am continuously creating a singing career, coaching business and personal life that I have always dreamed of. I think back to the frazzled, depleted elementary music teacher I was three years ago and I feel SO EXCITED for her because she doesn’t even realize what kind of greatness she is going to create, and soon! 

Image by Taylor

And the truth is that if I can do it,

So Can You.

I have helped hundreds of performers learn how to happily and enthusiastically share their gifts with the world. I know that you too have a very special gift that, when expressed to its full potential, will light you up, and in turn light up the world around you. 

 "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

- Gospel of St. Thomas

I know that it actually feels painful to suppress the creative drive that is buzzing inside of you.


That pain may manifest as physical sensations, emotional tension or mental pressure.


However it appears, the only way to relieve it is to realign your life with your creative calling. 

It’s time for you to name and claim your craft as an integral contribution to humankind, and create and share from that posture with ease and generosity. 

BUT you can only do this when you feel supported, secure and confident. 


That is where I come in! 

I’m Bailey Barnes and I have created a comprehensive program to help singers make real progress towards their professional goals.

The Singing Entrepreneur

Using my expertise in vocal instruction, time management and transformational mindset work I will take you through a series of weekly lessons that will help you understand what is getting in your way, name and claim your IMPORTANT role as an artist, make time and space in your life for what's most important to you, and design a lifestyle that will set you up to thrive.  


Email me if this sparks your CURIOSITY


Over the past decade, I have helped hundreds of singers, young and old, learn the skills they need to make music an integral part of their lives.


Now I am compiling everything I have learned about best practices in education and offering it up in a straightforward and simple package to help you live the artistic life you have always dreamed of. 

Want to get to know me better?


I have built three successful business as a voice teacher, coach and professional singer, and I have overcome paralyzing anxiety and self doubt so I could build the musical career I always dreamed of - now I'm here to share 

everything I have learned in the last decade of my professional life so you can do the same. It's your turn! 

Read more about my singing journey here

Find my professional bio here

This program is offered in both group coaching and one-on-one mentorship settings.


Not convinced that one program can get you on the path to a more fulfilled life? I don’t blame you! 

I know you have been striving to cultivate the ease and flow you see so many other singers enjoy… so how would I be able to help you move through a lifetime of strife and struggle?



Let me share the deets:

Here is what we will cover in this artistic alignment coaching experience: 

You are infinite possibilities

I will introduce you to visioning exercises and mindset work that I have successfully used with myself and my clients that will open you up to a broader vision for the meaning and purpose of your life. Learn how to listen to and trust your inner guide so you are working towards singing career goals that get you EXCITED and ENERGIZED. 

Productive, Consistent Practice

Learn how to create a practice routine so you are showing up to hone your craft on a regular basis.

Learn practice strategies and tools that will make it feel like you have your teacher in the room with you. 

Cultivate courage and confidence

You will learn how to build a supportive network, use mindfulness practices to work through performance anxiety, and  name and claim your vital role as a creative contributor to your industry. 

Name and Claim

We will work together to identify what is essential, prioritize your passion and curiosity, and eliminate distractions and obstacles. You will gain clarity in the direction you want to take in your singing career, and make a plan to get there. 

Money mindset work

Contrary to popular belief (especially in the world of the Arts) money is A GOOD THING and very important to the thriving artistic life that you deserve. In this part of the course I will show you how to transform the story you are telling about money and work so you can build a solid, supportive financial foundation from which you can generously create and share your art. 

Business Basics

Learn essential marketing, branding, and business strategies that will help you grow your audience, make you seen as *legit* in the eyes of your industry, and get you on the fast track to exponentially growing your singing opportunities. 

Time management and goal setting

This is the part for all of you right-brainers out there who have never been too organized, methodical or intentional about how you spend your time :) I will show you how valuable schedules and routines are and give you time management tools that support your most successful life. 

Your Business Plan

You will apply all of the above mentioned tools to designing a business plan where you will see that the proof is in the pudding - you can make a valuable contribution through your unique artistic gifts. Learn how to network with important figures in your industry, and create meaningful musical collaborations with like minded musicians - and make some money, too! 

As you can see, this program is designed to the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL work that will align you with your highest calling. I will offer you support, systems and most importantly accountability so that you can get on track to living the life you dream of.



Q: What if I don’t consider myself a professional singer?

A: I’m happy to be the one to break it to you babe - YOU ARE A SINGER. Even if you haven't yet participated in the world of professional singing (ie. you don’t charge people for performances) you are a human being on this earth and the world craves your authentic artistic expression. Using our voices to communicate experiences and concepts has been an integral part of our existence from the very beginning of the human race, and only recently has it become the norm to constantly be judging the way we express ourselves. I created Align to get people back in touch with the very important act of creating and sharing so they can become a more whole version of themselves. 


Program Options:

The Singing entrepreneur


Access includes: 

  • A series of modules where you will

    • Gain clarity on your purpose and mission as a singer

    • Learn how to manage your time, energy and money so you can make singing and your singing business one of your top priorities

    • Learn how to take aligned action in your life and business that resonates with who you are an an individual and an artist

    • Shift your mindset around what is practical and possible for you as a performing artist.

    • Write a business plan so you have a clear trajectory to follow as you work towards your singing dreams 

    • Learn how to build a support system and network of other professional singers that will hold you up and help you move forward long after you have finished the program 

  • Monthly group coaching calls where you get direct support from me as you work through the modules and apply what you are learning to your life and business 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly planner pages and a practice journal that are designed specifically for entrepreneurial singers 

  • Membership to the SE community where you can 

    • network with other singers who are carving their own path, 

    • get lessons in business, entrepreneurship and vocal technique

    • Engage with curated content that is made with your wants and needs in mind



Access includes: 

  • 14 weekly private coaching sessions with Bailey (online)

  • Direct access to Bailey between sessions via Voxer - for the times when you need support the most! 

  • Daily, weekly and monthly planner pages to help you prioritize your time so you can engage in meaningful work. 

  • Access to everything included in the SE Online Course

  • We will work together to create a personalized framework for your unique situation that will pave the way for you to FINALLY make your highest artistic contribution to your own life and/or your local and global community.  You will get what you need, when you need it.  

  • Option to add weekly voice lessons 

Cost: $3000

Cost: $499

I’m ready to invest deeply in myself and my voice!

Ok, now you have all the info, and I know you are as excited as I am to see how this program can CHANGE YOUR LIFE but perhaps you are still on the fence, and that is ok :) 


Schedule a free coaching call with me so we can take a dive into what isn’t working for you in your artistic life and find the answers you are looking for. 

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