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Gigging sinGers

Updated: Jun 4

Please, remember that you are enough

I was talking with a colleague around Christmas when we were getting ready for a gig...

Back then, we were talking about how the gig's not in as good of shape as we wish it was

As polished as we would like it to be

Feeling less prepared than we would like to feel

We came to the conclusion that, sometimes...

You just have to show up and do your job, and it means that you can't get all perfectionistic about it

To think "oh, we have to put in all this time and effort to make sure it's EXACTLY PERFECT in the way it's SUPPOSED TO BE" .......

when really, just the fact that we are showing up and doing this thing

means that is worth something! It's enough!

Because we are professionals, and the fact that we're showing up, we're putting in the effort to be there and give our expertise, that is worth the money that we get paid.

And, we don't have to make it some "amazing" thing, and we don't have to get perfectionistic or stressed out about it.

Remember that you have put in the work!

you are a musician!

and you're going to go out there and going to do your thing

and you're going to get paid to do it because you deserve to get paid to do it

whether or not it's exact or perfect, you showed up, and you're worth it!

see the full reel on my instagram!


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