This program will show you what is possible for you as a singer - I know that you want to sing, you can learn how to sing, and that you can reach a level of skill and mastery in singing that you may not even realize is possible.  


In my voice lessons program, I will guide you through an intentional and concentrated exploration of who you believe yourself to be as a singer, who you want to be as a singer, and how to get there. Throughout my singing career I have used these same methods to cultivate a relationship with my voice that is friendly, loving and supportive, and I am thrilled to be finally sharing these methods with you.  


There is a certain kind of magic that comes from utilizing the practice of singing to methodically pursue happiness and fulfillment in life.


Singing is a skill just like anything else and anyone can find a singing teacher who will show them the technique, give the tips and tricks and hacks to “sing better.” I tried that for years, working with the teachers who just diagnosed the technical problem, without helping me break down the actual barriers to my growth as a singer. 

I was slowly getting better, but it wasn’t until I started doing the work of confronting my inner critic that the technique started to blossom into my authentic voice, and I could actually feel the magically satisfying sensation of easeful singing. Moving through the pain my limiting beliefs had inflicted on me for years created flow and ease in my practicing and performing and I was able to step fully into my calling as a singer. 

If you love to sing, then you have a gift for singing.


The gift may be covered up by the dirty, dusty layers of self doubt that accumulate over the years, but it is there waiting to be rediscovered. When you carve out the time and cultivate the mental and emotional grit and stamina necessary to confront the inner critic, rise above the limiting beliefs, and make singing an integral part of your soul experience you will finally be able to bring your gift to the world, a gift the world so desperately needs.

Program Mission:

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

Sound familiar? I know that you are struggling with your passions to sing and your limiting beliefs about yourself - you believe that you don’t have the talent, the skill, the time, or the energy to give to one of the things you actually care about most: SINGING. Committing yourself deeply to singing feels insecure and scary. 


I have been there. 


I have always had a complex and dynamic relationship with my own voice. I loved to sing when I was a kid and there were times when I thought I was a talented singer with great potential. By the time I got to college, however, I wanted to step into the practice room just about as much as I wanted to step into the dentist’s office. When I sang, it felt HARD, uncomfortable and impossible to do the things I wanted my voice to do. I started to think it was just because I wasn’t really a very good singer. 


Until one day I met a teacher, Linda Brice, who called me out on what I was truly struggling with the most, and it wasn’t the technique or the skills, or the knowledge. I remember being in a lesson with Linda and her saying to me “Bailey, you are tied up in a Gordian knot. Do you know what that is?” “No” I said. “A Gordian knot,” she continued as she tightly clasped her fingers and hands together into a tense weave “is a deep and complex problem that has to be carefully and methodically untangled. Your singing, your technique, your beliefs about yourself as a singer, your vision of yourself as a singer, all the tension, these are all wound up into a tight, constricted, confused snarl and it’s time for you to unravel it.” 


The moment I realized how was I holding myself back everything changed. I could feel this knot that Linda was speaking about weighing on my heart, like it was made of iron. Suddenly, I knew that what I had to do was dig deep and do the inner work required to cultivate enough self love, self compassion and determination to finally claim my right to express myself as a singer. After stepping on this path, now five years later, I am more fulfilled and satisfied with my singing than I ever imagined was possible for me. I promise this is possible for you, too. 


Find my Teaching Resume
Find my Singing Resume

Program Structure:

Over the past ten years of teaching music and singing to people of all ages, I have seen remarkable transformations in students when they make space for singing in their hearts and minds.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Elevate your singing skills.

  • Accept that you are a SINGER and that you have a beautiful, unique singing voice that needs to be shared with the world.

  • Learn new repertoire that is challenging and the right fit for your voice.

  • Actually make time for singing in your life. 

  • Make your practice sessions enjoyable, and productive. 

  • Get your repertoire performance ready and perform in front of live audiences. 


What to expect:

  • Students will meet with me weekly. 

  • Each weekly meeting will include vocal instruction and a coaching element. With guidance, students will name and claim their singing dreams, determine obstacles, set goals, face fears, and step onto the path towards exponential artistic growth.  

  • Students will be offered performing and additional learning opportunities throughout the term, such as masterclasses, studio recitals, and open mics. 

  • Students will learn 3 pieces - I will pick two repertoire pieces, and the student may pick a third in any style that is supportive to their vocal goals and vocal range. 

  • Students can opt to learn the basic piano skills singers need to be successful.

  • Students will work on reading music and/or lead sheets

  • Songwriting coaching is also available.


13 (thirteen) 1 hr lessons: $1495

*payment plans available

Who Should Take Lessons?


This Program Is For You If:

  • You love to sing. 

  • You are enthusiastic about the possible roles that singing can play in your life. 

  • You dream of having a singing career or performing as a singer in some capacity.  

  • You believe you “can’t” sing.

  • You believe that singing is only for people who can do it well. 

  • You hold yourself back from singing because you are afraid or nervous. 

  • You want to use artistic expression as a vehicle for learning self compassion, self care, and self empowerment. 

  • You are willing and able to reflect on your beliefs and habits with an open heart.  

  • You want to make time to focus on singing every day, but you never seem to be able to (I promise you can and I will show you how!) 

  • You find your practice sessions to be unfruitful, unproductive and frustrating. 

There is but ONE requirement students must meet to be successful in this program:


Singing has to matter to you. It has to matter enough that you’ll make time to do the work. It has to matter enough that you’ll be willing to let go of the stories you’ve told yourself that have stopped you from singing or practicing in the past. It has to matter enough that you will choose it every day, in little ways, even when it’s difficult.

You have to have faith that singing the way you want to will be worth the struggle it takes to do so. 


I can show you how to cultivate the discipline it takes to become a confident, free singer. No one taught me that- I had to teach myself. All you have to do is want it enough.  


This program is for people of all ages and abilities. 


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***A note for parents: Please do not discount this as being too in depth for your children! I truly wish I had a teacher who encouraged me to make singing a priority when I was a kid who loved to sing. With over a decade of experience teaching elementary-college music education I can say with certainty that students of any age and ability level will benefit from this work. 

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