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Bailey Barnes Voice Studio
Make Money
with Music

Vocal and Music Business Coaching for Singers

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Turn your Fledgling Music Work


into a  thriving music business 

Join me in my
Signature Coaching Program
Make Money with Music

A program designed for singers who want to learn the performing and music business skills they need to go from being an unsatisfied, struggling artist to being a courageous business owner who knows how generate income consistently with their music and music related offerings.

Start the music career you have always wanted


Chuck Jay 
Singer/Songwriter, Rapper, Music Teacher, Producer



Since working with Bailey, my life now is much more conscious! I sit down every week and write out game plans and set myself up for success. It truly has switched my mind from being a dude playing music in a garage to a businessman who is not scared to take on new challenges.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.37.18 PM.png

Keagen Cox
Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer

I discovered there is a lot more to running a music business than simply racking up streams. Bailey showed me the importance of building a community and a network. She also helped me see I am not running a business unless I am making profits...that it's ok to make money doing what you love. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.01.56 PM.png

Maire Clement
Singer/Songwriter, Voice Teacher


I recommend anyone who wants to build a business or who has questions on how to turn their passion into work that is financially and spiritually valued to work with Bailey.

I created Make Money with Music because I know that you have something important to say with your voice and your music...

And yet...

Are you unsatisfied in the work that you spend the majority of your time doing?


Do you doubt your ability to make your living as a musician?


Do you fear that you can't make enough money on music work alone, and worry about financial security and stability?


Do you feel discouraged and disheartened because you are constantly comparing yourself to other singers and musicians?


Are you confused about how to make it happen for yourself and don't know where to begin? 


Do your dreams feel way too big and therefore impossible to accomplish?


Does your beautiful creative brain have a hard time focusing and working systemically towards goals and completing tasks? 


If you answered yes to any of the above, then you likely have beliefs and habits that are keeping you from sharing your gift with the world, making an impact on people's lives and leading the professional and personal life that you desire...  

I understand the fears and limitations that are holding you back because that was me five years ago.

I was a public school elementary music teacher who wanted a performing career and had no idea how to make it happen...

Not to mention...

I was burdened by perfectionism 

I was overwhelmed and engaging in self-sabotaging behavior 


I gave all my time and energy away to help other people carry out their dreams and left no time for my own 


I had no idea how to make money as a musician let alone make my entire living off of music work 


I also know how it feels to have the freedom and confidence to express myself creatively. 

I know how to cultivate the confidence I need to take creative and financial risks 


I have the music business knowledge I need to fully support myself with my work as a musician


I feel balanced, satisfied and effective in my work as a musician 

I understand how to create offers that will serve people deeply and make an impact while also generating income for my business



I won’t lie and say that I created a quick fix to get myself where I am today, but...


I am still in awe sometimes at the life I live now.


I am continuously creating a music business that helps me live my dream life.


I think back to the frazzled, depleted elementary music teacher I was five years ago and I feel SO EXCITED for her because she doesn’t even realize what kind of greatness she is going to create, and soon! 

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 4.13.38 PM.png

And the truth is that if I can do it,

So Can You.

Over my decade-long career as a voice teacher and for the past two years as a music business coach I have helped performers learn how to happily and enthusiastically share their gifts with the world.


I know that you, too, have a very special gift that, when expressed to its full potential, will light you up, and in turn light up the world around you. 

 "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

- Gospel of St. Thomas

An important note about our community...


No matter your race, gender, religion, nationality, mental or physical abilities you are welcome and encouraged to participate in my programs. Come as you are, and always feel free to be yourself. I am committed to creating a safe, supportive, equitable environment for my clients, students, and stakeholders. I will ensure that you have an equitable experience by committing to the following actions in my business:


I will continue to educate myself on the issues system affected groups face. I will listen to you, believe you, and honor your experience, always.  


I will continue to be a voice for system affected groups in circles of privilege. 


I will continue to explore my own privilege and how I can use it to empower system affected musicians. 


Discrimation, harassment or disrespect to any community member based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, mental or physical abilities will not be tolerated in groups and communities associated with Bailey Barnes LLC

I know that it actually feels painful to suppress the creative drive that is buzzing inside of you.


That pain may manifest as physical sensations, emotional tension or mental pressure.

You may feel it when you wake up and go to the job you hate, in the low paying gigs that you are sick of playing, or in the tension in your voice and body when you perform. 


I've found that the only way forward is to courageously create a music business that will allow you to express yourself creatively, serve the people you want to help, and generate the income you need to live the life you truly want.

It’s time for you to name and claim your role as a vital contributor to society that deserves living wage compensation, and create and share from that posture with ease and generosity. 

BUT you can only do this when you feel supported, secure and confident. 


That is where I come in! 

I’m Bailey Barnes and I have created a comprehensive program to help singers create their own version of a successful music career  

Make Money 
with Music

Using my expertise in music performance, music business development and transformational coaching I will take you through a series of weekly sessions where we focus on 3 things:

1. Growing confidence in your singing and performing skills 

2. Booking paid (or better paying) gigs, so you can prove to yourself that this whole music career thing is really possible for you! 

4. Coping with perfectionism, self doubt, inaction, failure, comparison and distractions


Email me if this sparks your CURIOSITY


Want to get to know me better?


I have built three successful business as a voice teacher, business coach and professional singer, and I have overcome paralyzing anxiety and self doubt so I could build the music career I always dreamed of - now I'm here to share everything I have learned in the last decade of my professional life so you can do the same. It's your turn! 

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Not convinced that one program can get you on the path to a more fulfilled life? I don’t blame you! 

I know you have been striving to cultivate the ease and flow you see so many other artists enjoy… so how would I be able to help you move through a lifetime of strife and struggle?



What my students
are saying...


Chuck Jay 
Singer/Songwriter, Rapper, Music Teacher, Producer



The business training was the game changer. I literally was lost in thickets of information on the internet, not knowing where to start. But man, when those business modules came into play, it's like everything fell into place. And I still use them to this day!

telluride mallory (2).jpg

Mallory Shanks


Sometimes I came into a session tired, anxious, and unmotivated for my day, and came out ready to make strides. The short meditation sessions had a really calming affect that haven’t achieved in the past, and afterward I usually felt like my chaotic mind was a little more organized and I wanted to sit down and write some music or record something.

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 4.13.38 PM.png

Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer


Recording vocals is usually a point of stress for me for many reasons, but having a plan for rest allowed me to focus on the work instead of worrying about my sound or stamina. It turned out to be my favorite, most efficient vocal session so far and my engineer and I had a really good time with it, which I think shows in the music as well.

Immense thanks to you, Bailey,  for providing a framework to take me out of my head and into my body!

Let me share the deets:

Here is what we will cover in this program, which offers a unique combination of business coaching, mentorship, education and artistic development: 

You are Infinite Possibilities

I will introduce you to visioning and goal setting practices that I have successfully used with myself and my clients that will open you up to a broader vision for the meaning and purpose of your life.


You will gain clarity on how you want your music career and business to operate, identify viable income streams and learn how to overcome obstacles along the way.


Sing and Share with Courage

Over the course of our 13 weeks together, you will prepare a set of songs and perform it A LOT. Whether it's for friends and family, open mics, or paid gigs, you will get you out and perform in public so you can get the ball rolling on your music career once and for all. 

Cultivate Courage and Confidence

I will introduce you to mindfulness practices and mindset work that help you cultivate the resilience, focus, confidence and courage you need to make your music career a reality. 


Learn how to work through performance anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, comparison, failure and allow you to name and claim your vital role as a creative contributor to your community. 

Popcapella Spring 2018-10 (2).jpg

Book Gigs + Make Money

Learn essential music business strategies that make you *legit* in your industry, and get you on the fast track to booking paid gigs. 

Reclaim Your Time

This is the part for all of you right-brainers out there who have never been too organized, methodical or intentional about how you spend your time :)

We will work together to create schedules and routines that truly support your unique creative flow and you will gain time management tools that help you create the life and business you desire. 

Accountability and Support

I will be with you every step of the way for 13 weeks which includes weekly business coaching and development sessions, weekly set list development sessions and direct access to me in between sessions for immediate needs or concerns. 

My primary job is to hold you accountable, reflect your own greatness back to you, root you on through your successes and failures and give you the structure and support you need to create the artistic life you deserve.

As you can see, this program is designed to the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL work that will align you with your purpose and passion. I will offer you support, systems and most importantly accountability so that you can get on track to living the life you dream of.




Q: What is the Make Money with Music Program?

Make Money with Music is 13 weeks of intensive 1:1 music business education and coaching, as well as vocal coaching, set list development and songwriting coaching as needed. 
It is a program I designed to help singers take their fledgling music work and turn it into a thriving music business. 
During the 13 week program, we work together to develop your music business and your art and artistry (aka your product) so you can learn how to make the income you deserve and desire as a pro musician. 
The program is hosted in the Bailey Barnes Voice Studio Community, where you will have access to the Make Money with Music Course, the Voice Lessons Course,  and the Music Business Basics Workbook, all which help you through the program and will continue to support you after you have finished. 
The program has helped students quit their restaurant jobs, start their own music studio, get back in the saddle and start pursuing their music career after a long hiatus, build the confidence and courage they need to go after their big juicy singing dreams, get organized and focused and more. 
I created this program because after a lifetime in music education as a student and a teacher I have seen huge gaps in what we offer in traditional music programs. If singers want to make their living as a professional musician, they must learn business and entrepreneurship skills in addition to the development of their instrument and musicianship. 
And that is where the Make Money with Music Program comes in. 


Program Details:

Make Money with Music
One on one vocal and Music Business coaching

Access includes: 

  • 14 weekly 1:1 music business coaching sessions 

  • 14 weekly 1:1 vocal coaching/set list development sessions

  • The  Make Money with Music Course

  • The Voice Lessons Online Course

  • The Music Business Basics Workbook

  • We will work together to create a personalized framework for your unique situation that will pave the way for you to create the music business that allows you to make your highest artistic contribution to your community while staying true to yourself as an artist and an individual.

$2299+ tax
scholarships + payment plans available- See FAQ above

Music Performer
I’m ready to invest deeply in myself and my music!

Ok, now you have all the info, but perhaps you are still on the fence, and that is ok :) 


Schedule a free coaching call with me so we can define what your goals for your music career, identify the obstacles that are getting in your way, and create a clear path to help you create a thriving music business. 

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