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Bailey Barnes Voice Studio



Investment and Payments 

  • Tuition is due at the beginning of the term paid in full, or the student/guardian can subscribe to an automatic payment plan.

  • See your individual Studio Policy Acknowledgement form for the tuition and full details for your lesson package. 

  • You can also schedule one time lessons at any time at the following rates:

    • $62.50 per 30 minute lesson

    • $125 per 1 hour lesson 

  • Student or Guardian agrees to render payment via PayPal, and understands that the full purchase amount is due and payable upfront, unless a payment plan has been arranged. Student and/or Guardian agree that absent an agreement regarding a payment plan with Bailey, he/she/they must complete payment in full before becoming entitled to any products or services included within the Program. 

Refund Policy 

  • Bailey is not able to offer refunds once the student/guardian has purchased the Program. The student/guardian understands this provision, and agrees that he/she/they is not entitled to a refund once payment has been issued to Bailey. 

  • Should Bailey experience an unforeseen event causing her to become unavailable or otherwise unable to complete the Program, the student/guardian may be entitled to a partial refund on a case-by-case basis, based upon the portion(s) of the Program unable to be delivered by Bailey. Reasonable, minor changes or modification to the Program made by Bailey do not qualify as an inability to deliver services, and do not qualify the student/guardian for a refund. 

  • The student/guardian further agrees and understands that changing his/her/their mind about the Program, failing to follow through or understand the details of the Program, not experiencing the results he/she/they expected or desired, or experiencing any other similar situations does not entitle him/her/them to a refund.


Cancellations and rescheduling 

  • Missed lessons will not be refunded or offered a make-up.

    • ​In order to best serve my students and provide the highest level of service, I do not offer makeup lessons. A no-makeup policy allows me to give every student the energy and instruction they deserve since I will now be able to spend appropriate time planning lessons instead of scheduling makeup lessons or managing a cancellation list. 

    • Please be assured that your tuition is always working for you/your child as I spend a great deal of time outside of lessons choosing repertoire, making learning materials, planning, attending competitions, working on my own artistry etc


  • Summer scheduling is different from Fall and Spring. 


  • In the summer the student schedules their lessons using the scheduling system rather than committing to a weekly spot. 

  • All lessons must be completed before the end of the session on August 24th unless make-up lessons or an alternative scheduling agreement have been arranged with Bailey.

  • The student/parent is responsible for ensuring that all lessons are scheduled and completed before that date. 

    • If a student is unable to schedule all of their lessons before the end of the session, the student will forfeit the unscheduled lessons.

  • The student can reschedule lessons 20 hours in advance, or if the reschedule is due to illness or emergency. 

    • Students will use the rescheduling link to reschedule lessons. These links are sent in the confirmation emails you get when the lesson is scheduled, and the reminder email you get 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. 

  • The student may not reschedule a lesson less than 20 hours before the lesson is scheduled.

  • From June 4 to August 24, students are allowed unlimited reschedules (with 20+ hours' notice or due to illness or emergency).


  • Inclement weather and internet connectivity issues


  • If the student cannot attend a lesson in person due to inclement weather, the lesson will be done online. 

  • If the lesson cannot be conducted due to internet connectivity issues the student will "makeup" their lesson by sending recordings via Marco Polo. 


  • If the student “no shows” for a lesson, that lesson will be charged without the opportunity for a make-up. 

    • A “no show” is a lesson missed for any reason without any communication from the student or parent prior to the start of the lesson, with the exception of emergencies where communication is impossible. 


  • If the student is 10 minutes late to the lesson without notifying Bailey ahead of time the lesson will be considered a no show.

    • Bailey will cancel the lesson and the student will be charged for the lesson. 


  • If Bailey cancels a lesson after payment has already been received, the student will be owed a makeup lesson, and Bailey will be responsible for scheduling that lesson. 


  • If the student shows up to an in-person lesson and is symptomatic or ill, Bailey reserves the right to cancel the lesson without make-up or refund. 


Lesson Expectations 

  • Practicing and preparedness 

    • For Zoom lessons, please ensure that you have two devices for your lessons, if possible, one for the video conferencing and one for playing warm-up tracks and accompaniment tracks  

    • I encourage my students to record their lessons on Zoom or use a voice recorder so they can use them for reference in their practice sessions.  

    • There will be periodic practice journal assignments throughout the term.  

    • Please bring hard copies of your music printed in a three-ring binder, a pencil, and a notebook to each lesson. 

    • If students do not comply with these practicing and preparedness expectations, Bailey will not be able to take them to the highest level of skill and expression as singers. If students are unable or unwilling to comply with these standards, I will do my best to find you another voice teacher who is a better fit for your needs and wants in voice lessons. 

  • As the student, your role is to:

  • Show up for your lesson on time with 100% focus. 

    • If you are having trouble focusing, please tell Bailey so we can solve the problem together.

  • Be open to new ideas, sounds, sensations, and physical activity. 

  • Be willing to leave your comfort zone 

  • Be ready to take action and make quick decisions.

  • Make the session and the feedback from it a priority.

  • Be prepared and make time for the work that you need to do for the Program.

  • Trust the process.

  • Take responsibility for your outcomes.

  • Ask any questions as they arise.

  • As your teacher, my role is to:​​


  • Come to your lesson prepared.

  • Provide you with resources and knowledge that support your singing endeavors.

  • Provide a safe space where you can express yourself and be heard.

  • Challenge you to create the artistic life you dream of.

  • Offer support, encouragement, feedback, and guidance throughout the Program.

  • Stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone into new areas of self-expression and support you as you do.

  • Devote my full attention to you during the voice lesson.

  • Come to your lesson prepared.


Community Events

  • Bailey regularly holds community events, which are opportunities for the singers to perform, connect, and support each other. Community events include:

    • Monthly studio classes - for singers only 

    • Recitals held at the end of the Fall and Spring sessions

    • Masterclasses, open mics, singer-songwriter showcases, and other special events scheduled 2-4 times per year

  • All students are encouraged to perform at as many community events as their schedule allows. 


Tech considerations for online lessons

  • If you are taking online lessons, it is necessary for the student and guardian to complete the Online Lessons Tech Set Up lesson in the Voice Lessons Online Course.


Accompanist Fees, Practice Tracks, and Sheet Music:

  • Sometimes, students need a professional live pianist to accompany them on their repertoire for masterclasses, studio classes, and recital performances. The student is responsible for paying for the accompanist time, including rehearsals and performances.  

  • Accompanist fees will vary depending on how much time is required to prepare the piece, however, Bailey will do her best to keep accompanist fees under $75 per semester.

  • Our studio accompanist will create accompaniment and practice tracks for all repertoire that is not self-accompanied. These fees are covered in the cost of lessons. 


Contact information 

  • Please text or email me with your phone and preferred email address when we begin lessons together.

  • Bailey Barnes ~ 720 708 9591 ~



(For in-person lessons and events only)


Reasons for Health and Safety Addendum:


To protect the health and safety of all the singers in our studio, we must regularly review the precautions we are all taking to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses such as COVID-19, RSV, the common cold, and flu. 


As singers, we rely on our respiratory systems and larynx to be able to pursue our hobby and, for some of us, our livelihood. We need to be aware of protecting each other from airborne transmission of any illness that could cause issues or injury to our lungs or vocal folds. 


As we turn our focus towards building community in our voice studio, we want to always take actions that demonstrate community care—meaning, we are making choices based on the well-being of our community, particularly those who are most vulnerable, not just the comfort, convenience, or preference of our individual selves. 


Singing is categorized as a “high aerosol-producing activity,” which means that when a person sings, they produce significantly more droplets and particles that carry disease. Adults produce more particles than children, and these particles can linger in a space for hours, making it potentially unsafe without appropriate mediation factors. 


Being in direct contact with a person for more than 15 minutes greatly increases the risk of exposure. Lessons that last longer than 30 minutes increase the risk even more. 


In Studio Safety Measures 


Please carefully read and review the following policies and protocols:


If the student is feeling sick or under the weather in any way, or is known to have come into close contact with a person who has Covid, the flu, RSV or any other airborne respiratory illness, please do not attend lessons or community events in person. 


  • If the student is too sick to attend work or school the student may reschedule using the scheduling link (summer only). If the student is just feeling a bit yucky, or is recovering from an illness, please let Bailey know and we will do our lesson online.

  • If the student shows up to an in-person lesson and is symptomatic, Bailey will require that the student wear a mask, or cancel the lesson without makeup or refund if the student is too sick to sing healthfully.


Hand washing and sanitization:

  • Please wash and/or sanitize your hands before entering the lesson studio or performance area.




  • All students and parents who enter the studio have the option to wear a mask while taking in-person lessons, regardless of vaccination status. 


  • All students who enter the voice lesson studio and are symptomatic will either be required to wear a mask during the lesson or sent home, depending on the severity of the symptoms. 

    • If you are too sick to sing healthfully, you will be sent home without the option for a makeup or refund. 

    • You always have the option to do lessons online to avoid potentially losing the lesson if you show up in person with symptoms. 


  • All immunocompromised students have the option to conduct lessons outside (weather permitting), or online.

    • If the weather isn’t fit for an outside meeting, we will move inside with masks or move the lesson online. 

    • Immunocompromised students can always feel free to request that we do our community events outside, and I will do my best to accommodate those requests. 


Additional protocols:


  • Student and teacher will maintain social distancing in the lesson studio. 


  • Bailey will be running an air purification system with a CADR rating of 235, meaning there are approximately 10 air changes per hour in the room. 


Other Considerations


Vaccination and boosters against COVID-19, the flu, and RSV will greatly increase the safety of everyone in our studio. If you are considering getting vaccinated or boosted, I highly recommend it. The relief I feel is palpable after getting vaccines and boosters, knowing I am less likely to get sick and spread sickness to others in our studio.


All of these policies and protocols are subject to change. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your flexibility and cooperation. I know living through a pandemic has been a wild ride, and I hope we all have learned the simple ways we can keep each other healthy and safe from any airborne illness so we can all KEEP SINGING!  




No matter your race, gender, religion, nationality, age, mental or physical health conditions, or physical appearance, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in my programs. Come as you are, and always feel free to be yourself. I am committed to creating a safe, supportive, equitable environment for my clients, students, employees, and stakeholders. I will ensure that you have an equitable experience by committing to the following actions in my business:


I will continue to educate myself on the issues untapped and system-affected groups face. I will always listen to you, believe you, and honor your experience.  


I will continue to be a voice for untapped and system-affected groups in circles of privilege. 


I will continue to explore my privilege and how I can use it to empower untapped and system-affected voices. 


Community expectations 


Discrimination or harassment to any Bailey Barnes LLC community member based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, physical appearance, or mental or physical health conditions will not be tolerated in groups and communities associated with Bailey Barnes LLC 


Group members will be required to always use respectful language, acknowledge other members' identities, and use their preferred terminology. 


If these expectations are not met by a community member or student, that student will be asked to leave the community, and it may result in the contract being invalidated with no option for refund.

Testimonial and Media Release

At times, Bailey will ask students if they are willing to give a testimonial or offer up photo and video taken during lessons or community events for marketing and promotional purposes. 


If you or your student do not want their testimonial or photo released for use in Bailey Barnes LLC promotional materials, please contact Bailey at to be put on the No Media list.

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