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halt inner critic!

“The singers that go from the bottom to the top are the ones that figure out how to make the practice room a place for exploration, curiosity, friendliness, and fun.” 

Y’ALL - I can’t even express how valuable my time with Dr. Kathryn Haney Parsley was during Free Training Tuesday in 2021...


😱 Have experienced “practice room avoidance”

👎 Have a critic that is keeping you from singing or pursuing your singing dreams

🙌 Need help getting back on track with your singing goals

❌ Have tried to “conquer” your critic to no avail

💭 Have done all the “mindset” work and still feel stuck and struggling 

😭 Feel disillusioned by the realities of building a singing career

Pro tips from the training

Practical ways singers and voice teachers can help themselves and their students rewrite their critic's script so they can get out of their own way and sing and share with courage!

🤔 Figure out where the script came from (ie. parent, teacher) and recognize that the original scriptwriter likely wasn’t qualified to speak on the situation.

💬 Have a conversation with your critic - ask questions and get into a dialogue with this part of yourself.

💪 Turn your mess into your mission - this is a challenge that you were put on this earth to overcome!  

🥰 Be ok with not being ok - “this is how I am feeling right now and I can sing anyway”

👍 Find a person who IS qualified and see what they have to say - turn to a coach, a voice teacher or an experienced colleague for input

and most importantly, Keep singing!


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