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If you are an aspiring singer...

But sometimes tough love is needed!

If you are an aspiring singer without a strong online presence you are invisible in your industry…

Here are a few easy ways to start your online presence for your singing/music business TODAY


👩🏽‍💻A simple, one page website with photos, videos, a bio and a contact page

you can use Wix or Googlesites to get your toes wet

📧 Start an email list with all the folks in your network (even your Mom) and send content out on a regular basis

google is a free option to get started

📱Start ONE social media account that is dedicated to your singing and performing and regularly post videos of your work (IG, FB, Tik Tok, Linked in, Next Door whichever you or your singing/performance network uses the most)

You got this!

Watch the video here on my instagram!


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