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Listen to yourself!

Cringey recordings got you down? 😖

I know it can feel weird 🥴 or even triggering 😪 to listen to yourself sing ...

BUT there are ways to overcome those judgements and reactions and use recordings as an incredibly helpful tool for vocal development.

This is kind of a long video so here are the points I cover:

1️⃣It’s totally normal for it to be challenging and unpleasant or uncomfortable to listen to yourself sing. Everyone (even the best singers I know) cringe a little when they hear themselves sing. This should not stop you from listening and watching!

2️⃣ If you want to use recordings as a tool I suggest you put on your “teacher hat” when you listen to/watch yourself. This means you need to treat the “singer” in the recording the same way you treat a singer who comes to you for advice and support. Use kind, compassionate words and give constructive feedback to yourself. You may even want to pretend like it’s a different singer (not you) in the recording to detach from what you’re hearing and be more objective.

3️⃣ Follow this process when watching recordings of yourself:

👀 Watch first without sound. Ask yourself “Is this singer telling a story that I can understand without words?”

👍🏻 Focus on what’s working at the beginning. This will help your nervous system regulate better and help you be more objective later.

🤔 After you name what’s working, note what isn’t working or what needs attention. Give yourself tips in the same way you might give another singer feedback or advice.

👂After you watch, listen. Follow the same steps with what’s working and then giving kind, constructive criticism. I hope this is helpful for all of you out there who are working to become better singers and performers!

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