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The journey and the outcome

What does it really mean to truly appreciate the journey and let go of the outcome? In all of my years of studying Buddhism, metaphysics, singing and other self-expansion philosophies and practices I hear this like the refrain of a never ending song:

"It's about the journey, not the outcome."

For a long time I didn't quite understand what this meant, but I decided to trust those who were saying it to me anyway. I questioned and pondered - why go on the journey in the first place if it's not leading you to a goal? How do we detach from the goal if that is what the journey is for?

I have a hard time detaching from the outcome. When I practice singing, it must sound good or it feels like a waste of time. If I don't get the wedding I *think* I want and the baby in the time frame I want it will all be wrong, and I just want it NOW. If I don't get work as an opera singer I have failed. If the house doesn't sparkle by the end of the weekend all of my cleaning was for not.

When I last met with my manifesting coach (Emyrald Sinclaire, look her up!) she pulled a card for me at the end of our session that read "Not for you." The refrain is back, the song continues -



be open to other possibilities that arrive along the way.

This weekend, I spent a lot of time reflecting on where I am now, how I have gotten here, and what my goals are for the next year. As I read, rested, meditated, and folded laundry so many things began to click for me -

If I am affixing my path to the sole outcome of becoming a professional opera singer, I am closing myself off to all the possibilities that WILL arrive as I am on the journey of becoming a professional opera singer.

The process of planning our wedding together and consciously creating a marriage that is meaningful, supportive and impactful is what actually matters, not the wedding itself.

The time I am dedicating to my home right now with caring, loving, intentional energy is what will lead me to the family and home life that I desire when it is the ideal time for all beings involved.

It's exhilarating to imagine how my life could take an entirely unexpected turn if I am on this journey with wide eyes, an open heart and discerning ears. I now know that the desired outcome has the sole purpose of getting you on the path but the journey will show you truth you didn't know was possible (all of this came to me while I was folding a t shirt after all!) The desired outcome gives you motivation, but the time, love and energy you give to the dream is what propels everything forward. The journey will lead you down rabbit holes with gold at the bottom, bring people who change you, reveal messages that deeply inspire and ignite your creativity and the journey will give you the most challenging and transforming experiences you will have in this lifetime. If you're not paying attention to the journey and feeling appreciation for every moment, the difficult times can be filled with suffering, and potentially even thwart your dreams and derail your trajectory. But it all informs, it all shapes and molds and births our true selves.

If you are interested in working with me and learning how to detach from the outcome in your singing please come find me on Facebook or Instagram! @bailey.b.sings

Mindful breathing


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