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When you add it up...

Do the simple math… Here is the breakdown with numbers from my own music business: How much Music income do I need to make per year? $42,036 (that includes biz overhead, taxes and take home pay) How many weeks per year can I work? 48 How much money is that per week? $875.75 If I am making an average of $200-$500 per gig how many gigs is that per week? 2-5 Is that possible? Yes If not, what obstacles/fears/dangers do I need to overcome to make this possible? *enter mentorship, self reflection, planning, goal setting* This is exactly the process I have used again and again with my music business students to help them see clearly how truly possible it is to make a living as a pro musician. It’s the exact process I use every year and quarter when I’m setting my own income goals for my teaching business and performing business. If you’d like me to walk you through this process, including how to calculate your business overhead, tax liability, income goals and also to receive some coaching on your obstacles/fears/dangers schedule a free call with me via the link in bio. My vision is that a person (of any age, race, ability, gender, body type) can turn to their loved ones and say “I want to be a professional singer” and their loved ones will celebrate and support their decision wholeheartedly rather than react with worry for their well being and security or encourage them to choose something more “stable and reliable.” I believe the key to that is teaching aspiring professional singers basic business skills that they can easily apply to the pursuit of their music career so they are generating consistent income with their art.

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