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Afraid of success?

Is success scary? It seems contradictory, yet fear of success keeps many singers from pursuing their dreams.

Because with success comes…

Responsibility - if we have success we will be given greater opportunities + therefore have greater responsibilities

(i.e. better roles, bigger gigs, bigger audiences, more money on the line, more people depending on us) 🫣

More work - when we succeed it means we have worked hard. 😳

When we work hard we get more opportunities which means more hard work.

Failure - it’s impossible to succeed without some failure along the way. 😖

If we go for the big opportunity, take the risk, put our selves out there we are guaranteed to win some AND lose some.

Pain - when we fail, it is painful. No one wants pain. #obviously

The unknown - our human brains do not like the unknown. 🙅🏼‍♀️

We are hardwired to avoid unfamiliar things and stay in our comfort zones #negativitybias

Messiness - when we go for our big dreams things will be far from perfect. They’ll be downright messy.

And our perfectionism says #hellno 🙅🏼‍♀️😖😳🫣

But here’s the thing… all of these things are inherent to ✨life✨

Whether or not we go after our singing dreams we are still going to face:

Responsibility… but wouldn’t you rather be responsible for work that inspires you? ✨

Hard work … but wouldn’t you rather work hard for something you care about? ✨

Failure… but wouldn’t you rather fail while pursuing your dreams? ✨

Pain… but wouldn’t that pain actually be worth it if it was in the name of your heart’s calling? ✨

The unknown… but isn’t that unknown kind of exciting? There is no certainty, so why not step into the unknown in the direction of your dreams? ✨

Messiness… but doing new things is messy! No matter what! So you could either stay unsatisfied in your comfort zone, or you have some unsatisfactory messiness on the way to your greatest happiness. ✨

Life will ALWAYS have responsibilities, pain, fear, messiness, hard work and uncertainty.

But would you rather experience those things doing work you don’t care about?

Or embrace it all while you do the work that is most important to you?

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