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Beauty, ease and practice

We can see the connection between beauty and ease in so many parts of our human experience. The ease of a dancer's body sliding through space, the ease of an athlete making that seemingly effortless goal, the ease of a great singer maneuvering seamlessly through a succession of rapidly moving notes. I think oftentimes when we encounter something that moves us deeply, there is a underlying element of fluency and simplicity that is at the core of what we desire for ourselves, in our life and in our art.

The irony is that this effortlessness doesn't come easily.

In singing, ease comes from practice. Hours and hours and hours. Conditioning your body, your muscles, your breath to reliably execute any exercise, transition, passage, or phrase, no matter the difficulty. But where the work gets particularly arduous is when you begin to see that can only attain ease through practice if while you practice you are at ease.

When I listen to great singers I am always in awe of how easy it sounds - when I hear Beverly Sills move through a coloratura passage like a knife through soft butter it brings me a deep sense of calm and excitement at the same time. It's what I strive for in my own singing, and it's the essence of what I am teaching my students every day - that we can find tranquility in our bodies, minds and hearts while we sing.

If you are interested in learning more about how to find ease and beauty in your singing please find me on Facebook @bailey.b.sings and Instagram @bailey.b.sings

Mindful breathing


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