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self care for singers

Sometimes I hold my breath or clench my shoulders or jaw when doing self massage -


So here are some things that are helpful for me to remember before self massage, and actually allow my self massage to be relaxing -

😮‍💨 Remember to take deep breaths before, during and after.

👯 If you are standing make sure your knees are buoyant and not locked.

🤲🏻 Ask yourself “if my hands could say something to my muscles, what would they say?”

Mine usually want to say “shhhh, it’s ok sweetheart” or “you are safe” or “it’s ok to let go now”

👀 Follow your fingers with your mind’s eye. This was a tip given to me by a physical therapist and it is really helpful for bringing present awareness to your massage.

Save this post for the next time you are getting ready to do some self massage before practicing or performing!

Love Bailey!

Read the original post and watch the original video on my Instagram


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