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Tough Gig?

Working with a music business student who had a tough gig 😖 She struggled with the sound check and technology, she got some really unhelpful feedback from people close to her, she experienced rejection in the process. This of course happens to EVERYONE on this journey, but when it happens to us to feels so hard and it makes us want to give it all up. The truth is that our brains are wired for negativity bias. This means that when things go wrong, we will naturally fixate on them. Which is why I do what I call a Goodness Practice with myself and my students. It’s a practice where we take the time to remember, experience, appreciate and FEEL the goodness that exists in any challenging experience. This is not a “good vibes only” practice. No toxic positivity here - we always tackle the hard stuff too. But it’s really helpful and vital to start by finding those nuggets of goodness and letting those sink into the heart and mind, because we so often ignore them completely while all the things that went wrong take up all the space. This practice helps us learn to live from a place of hope and confidence that we can take on any challenge that comes our way, rather than feeling constantly overwhelmed by the inevitable challenges of this journey of professional singing. Please take the time to feel the goodness today!

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