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The Singing Entrepreneur Academy

Over the past ten years of teaching music and singing to people of all ages, I have seen remarkable transformations in students when they make space for singing in their hearts and minds.


In this program you will:

  • Gain clarity on your purpose and mission as a singer

  • Learn how to manage your time, energy and money so you can make singing and your singing business one of your top priorities

  • Learn how to take aligned action in your life, career and business that resonates with who you are an an individual and an artist

  • Shift your mindset around 

    • Confidence 

    • Worthiness

    • Imperfection 

    • Failure

    • What is practical

    • What is possible

  • Write a plan so you have a clear trajectory to follow as you work towards your singing dreams 

  • Learn how to build a support system and network of other professional singers that will hold you up and help you move forward.

What to expect:

  • 14 weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Bailey - option to add voice lessons (no additional cost)

  • Access to the Singing Entrepreneur Course

  • Direct Access to Bailey via Voxer in between sessions

  • Ongoing monthly group coaching calls for the life of the program

  • Daily, weekly and monthly planner pages

  • Access to the Singing Entrepreneur Community (starting September)


Please enter your email and review and agree to the terms of use before purchasing - this is for program purposes only, you will not be subscribed to any email lists.

Choose the payment option that is right for you

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5 monthly payments of $618

10 monthly payments of $309

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Progam Structure
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